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    Is it wrong to wish for the League of Legends servers to just burst into flames? Sad thing is my mind tell me hey its a fun game and my freinds should be able to play to the there hearts content. But LoL talk for hours on end. Just constly Jungle, Jinx, Boots of Move faster then that jerk there. Don't Feed. Hey look this guys is feeding. Yell at a friend becues he not good at a game. Get mad at smerf players but play on smerf account.  

    I watching a group chat that I help make turn into LoL talk. Feels like the same junk that happen before. Friends play LoL. I dont want to play don't really want to be around it. Friends keep talking about it constantly obstructing if not preventing other conversations. 

So what should I do. Besides finding were the LoL servers are using sledge hammer on it. Maybe be a nice Christmas gift from the universe to have the serves suddly suffer a failer. But then the money my friends spent on LoL would go to waste. Could give up and just start playing, but I seen these games before and no thank you. I know LoL is a good game and been noted for having perfect imbalanced… Good youtube channel not only for gaming but for other things. They tryed doing a spreat call. you know save my brain from listening to it. But all that just reinforces the distancing of friends. Hehe a act of kindness that posions that mind.  Maybe ask them to wait till I leave for work before filly the call with LoL talk. I feel sorry for some of the other people in the call but they seem strong then me and ignore it. 

In the end this is just a rant form a person that be driven up the wall with LoL, and see the same thing that he seen before with his friends. 

I should get back to writing. I got a lot of work to do. 

Cheers everyone.
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mdean33 Mar 20, 2014
you need vinyl scratch
need her for what. I don't do dance partys
mdean33 Mar 23, 2014
grievousfan Oct 13, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks for the +watch!
sushimytaco Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Spasiba for the watch friend! :batman:
Amyraia Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
thx for the fave ! :iconpinkiepieplz:
Happy Birthday :D
happy birthday!!
Tadashi--kun May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday! :D

happy birthday :D
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